Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Sea Breeze Cafe

I thought I'd just put a few more photo's of my seaside cafe on here. I've still got lots of finishing touches to do, plus cladding the outside. The dolls are by Sue Emsell, who I've bought several dolls from. The kitchen units are made from Elf Miniature kits. Hope you like it. x


  1. I love your cafe. That icecream looks so inviting lol. The dolls are beautiful.
    Hugs Maria

  2. Hi Clare, I like your Cafe. It's beautiful!
    I just know your blog and was blown away, I am now a follower. ;)

  3. Hi Clare,
    Wow Sea Breeze Cafe is so gorgeous and I love your blog!!
    Please keep posting i would love to see more of your wonderful work!!!
    vicky xxx

  4. Your sweets are the sweetest! So happy you stopped by for a visit...hope you enjoyed yourself and had a bite to eat.
    Have a fun filled mini world kinda day.

  5. Thank you for joining my blog and giveaway! Your cafe looks delicious. Wish I could see the ice cream sortiment a bit closer, looks so yummy... Hugs Sanne

  6. Hi Clare. Would love to put the photo of your ELF kitchen on our website. Can you contact me via the website and let me know if you are happy for me to do so?
    Many thanks. Best wishes. Elizabeth. ELF