Friday, 16 March 2012

New House

A couple of weeks ago I fell in love with a house on eBay and after an anxious 7 day wait I was lucky enough to win it ( an early birthday present). It is a vintage Green Leaf Emerson Row and it is gorgeous!! It has such lovely full length windows and light, airy rooms. Luckily the lady was willing to send it by courier and last Wednesday it arrived (after a morning sitting impatiently by the window waiting for the van, my husband said I was like a little child :)!!) It came in perfect condition and I couldn't wait to pop a few things in it :) I have recently become more in love with the American style house and feel they have so much character and charm. Its just a shame that they cost so much to ship to Britain :( I have included a few pictures and I will later add some photo's of the room I've started. I haven't done a lot, just a lot of staring and thinking :)

Also Welcome to my new followers, I will try and be a lot better with posting. x


  1. Oh what a gorgeous Greenleaf house! They have absolutely wonderful models; I would like to have them all! Cannot wait to see how you gonna decorate this! :))

  2. It's gonna be fun! Great house, and the windows ARE wonderful. Lucky you...and happy birthday.

  3. Beautiful house. I look forward to seeing what you do to it :)
    Hugs Maria

  4. Una gran adquisición.
    Es muy hermosa!
    Un abrazo

  5. My, this really is a lovely gracious house. :)

  6. Preciosa casa!!! Ya tengo ganas de ver los avances y los muebles.
    Muy lindo blog, ya tiene una seguidora mas.

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  8. This house has beautiful windows. Thanks for entering my giveaway!

  9. Que bonita! Me la imagino decorada aún más.